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iTech Medical is a medical device company that develops and markets innovative medical devices and technologies for the rehabilitation and pain management markets.

We currently have two distinct technologies: a patented clinical/rehabilitation tool called Muscle Pattern Recognition (MPR), and a commercial line of pain management products that incorporate our patented medical magnetic technology.

MPR is a technology that objectively analyzes muscle recruitment patterns of the neck and back. It is being developed to provide objective, clinically-relevant evidence on the status of the underlying biomechanical and neuromuscular integrity in patients suffering from neck and back pain.

MPR has the ability to assist healthcare and rehabilitation professionals in the evaluation and treatment of neck and back injuries and illnesses – the leading cause of disability in people under the age of 45 in the U.S., and the most expensive health care problem in the working population.

In February 2013, we expanded our product pipeline by acquiring BIOflex Medical Magnetics, Inc., a private healthcare company that has been developing and selling magnetic therapy devices since 1986.

BIOflex currently has over 20 products – many of which will be marketed to the sports medicine market.

They operate from an FDA-registered facility and many of their products are registered with the FDA as Class I medical devices.

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